This is amusing. Nothing to do with copyright, just amusing. I have had a Gmail account for a long time, and have recently decided to start moving away from it. This is easier said than done, but I have reached the point where most of the mail it gets is from friends. So I put an “out of office” on it to inform people that I would be phasing out the address and asking them to put the new one in their address books. The out of office was entitled “de-googlifying” and contained the phrase “de-googling” a couple of times. I then tested it from my new account, and another email account I have. Neither got the out-of-office, even though it showed up in the gmail sent-items I waited about an hour and then tried changing the wording. “De-googlifying” became “de-g**glifying”, “de-googling” became “de-g**gling”. And the replies turned up instantly. Could it be Google operates a sort of swearbot which censors out-of-office messages about moving away from their services? That Google treats its own name as a swearword? Surely not… Hilarious. Doubtless innocently technical. But a bit sinister.

UPDATE: OK so they all turned up in the end. A long while later. But the one with asterisks is still quicker.

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