How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Copy (via James Gannon’s IP Blog)

I think this puts it very well…

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Copy I was wrong. After years of reading intellectual property law blogs from some of the greatest legal minds, I’m finally ready to admit that I was wrong. The fight against illegal copying is one that cannot be won. I can no longer deny the simple truth that it is ultimately futile to try to create artificial scarcities in what would otherwise be non-scarce goods. The digital revolution has allowed us to copy and share media for free and we should n … Read More

via James Gannon's IP Blog


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  1. Quote from “cgimusic” @

    “What this guy is clearly to dumb to understand is that copying money is technically fraud. He is trying to deceive the recipient of the notes into believing they came from the Bank of Canada. When I pirate a film online I do not believe it came from the movie studio that produced it, I am well aware it came from a release group and am prepared to accept any limitations that may come with that.

    Money on the other hand is protected by completely different principles. I think that people who print money should be perfectly entitled to do so provided that they tell the shop owner that the money they are attempting to pay with is counterfeit. The shop owner then has the ability to accept the limitations of the money (the fact that other people might not accept it when he tells them it’s fake) or reject the money.”

  2. Um, have you ever heard of irony?

  3. Irony?… Oh you mean that it’s a copyright lawyer embracing the copying things, that irony? Of course that must be it, you couldn’t be referring to the article which is just a poor attempt at sarcasm based on a very poor analogy.

    I like I said “HE really missed the point”

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