While I was writing the previous post, it occurred to me that gathering hyperbolic claims like the claim that something will “Break the Internet” in one place might help anyone trying to make sense of them. To assist with this task I would like to invite you to join me.

I am setting up a new website, embryonic for the moment but it’s up, called Its purpose is to document, with a quick note and links, any hyperbolic and seemingly catastrophic claims that some proposed change will end free speech, break the internet or cause some other sweeping disaster.

By documenting them we can perhaps help inform a real, honest and sensible debate about important issues. There are two sides to every argument, and if you’re the referee you need to hear them both. I have put a few links there to get it going

So rather than allowing either side to simply dress their commercial interests up as existential threats to the internet, democracy or humanity, lets try to get everyone to raise their game and be a bit more honest.

If you have seen anything worth mentioning, please put a comment with a link here or on the other blog… or maybe on twitter with #breaktheinternet


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  1. Joe From New York,

    I love it. And thanks for the previous post. These are important messages that are being drowned-out by Google and their paid cronies. Google is truly the new “Big Oil.”

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